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Dear Madylin,

I just wanted to let you know that I have loved watching you on ELR and can only imagine how tough it is trying to make it in the acting business. So, be encouraged and keep your head up! You can do it. Blessings! Heather

Heather Irwin
April 4, 2011



Hi Madilyn! :D I'm 19 and I'm from Liverpool, England. I have been a HUGE fan of Everybody Loves Raymond since I can remember it being aired in the UK, I knew that we were about the same age and found out that you're about 2 months older than me, which was a weird thing to comprehend as I always thought of you as that sweet little girl you were in "ELR" lol.. I knew that you would turn out to be a beautiful girl which you have, I'm just writing to basically say thank you for making me smile almost everyday when I'm watching T.V. you've been a pleasure to watch and good luck with the future, thanks once again, from a life long fan, Jordan Massey xxx

Jordan Massey
November 13, 2010



Would like to post a MSG ; I really enjoy watching you, everybody loes  Raymond .today showed when you were a out 5. I always like to see the  transition , from young to present. Keep up the good work. Hope you continue with your acting.

Alley (
April 21, 2010


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